"It takes a special person to be able to see the darkness in someone and not condemn them." Edit

- Bronte, Everblaze

Bronte has brown hair. He has grayish-blue eyes and pointy ears because he is one of the Ancients, meaning he's over a thousand years old.

Job Edit

Bronte is one of the Councillors. He also has the job of mentoring Sophie in Inflicting because he is the only Inflictor besides her. He believes that the Council needs to work and understand the general public because they are currently too detached - a view Councillor Kenric also shared; Councillor Oralie shares this opinion as well . Bronte often walks among the people in the working-class cities.

Personality Edit

Bronte is very grumpy and is in a consistently foul mood. (This is later on revealed to be in part, because of his ability.) Earlier on in the series, Bronte very much dislikes Sophie. He ignored the evidence that she existed, so when she was found to exist after Alden had searched, Bronte was not happy. However, as the series progresses, it seems like Bronte is not so anti-Sophie after all, and becomes one of her few Council supporters.


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