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Coiffe is a character in the Keeper of the Lost Cities Series. He makes an appearance in book 4, Neverseen, where he assists Sophie and her friends in the attempt of rescuing Prentice.

Biography Edit

Coiffe is first seen when Sophie comes down from her tree house early. He appears to be very grumpy and rambunctious in his devotion to the Black Swan. The book also says that he finds his disguise inferior. Later in the book, during the gnome's protest about the ongoing plague, Timkin Heks offers Sophie hospitality at his house, while Sophie is trying to revive Keefe. Sophie was first astonished, also when Mr. Forkle complied to this offer, when she suddenly realized that Timkin was Coiffe. He helps Keefe by giving him a room to stay in and etc.

Abilities Edit

Timkin Heks is one of the many Talentless elves, so since Coiffe is Timkin, Coiffe does not have any abilities at all.

Personality & Traits Edit

When Sophie first encounters Coiffe, he is generally ill-tempered towards Sophie. He appears to be reluctant about his commitment to the Black Swan, for he said that he was indignant about helping children inferior to him. However, when Keefe was in a "coma," he seemed compassionate in reviving him. Like most of his family, he never misses an opportunity to show off.

Physical Appearance Edit

Coiffe appears to have fur concealing his entire body and he has hooves on his feet and hands. When Sophie first meets Coiffe he claims to be wearing a bathing suit under his fur.

Relationships Edit

Stina Heks- He is the father of Stina Heks, the bully of Foxfire.

Vika Heks- He is the husband of Vika Heks, an Empath, working for the Council as a Regent.

Black Swan - It is implied that he devoted himself to a commitment he made, when he was employed to the Black Swan. He believed that, although he found the idea of helping Sophie horrible, he believed there needed to be a change in the world.