There are several Elvin foods mentioned throughout the book series. Here is a list of the known foods:

Mallowmelt- described as a 'Gooey cake that tasted like fresh baked chocolate chips soaked in ice cream and covered in frosting and butterscotch.' 

Brattails- green tuber-like food: tastes like sausage

Ripplenut- round yellow nut that is cracked open for the juice inside of it: tastes like butter, vanilla, honey, cinnamon, and caramel

Prattles- an Elvin candy

Custard Bursts- pink and purple square puffs that look like marshmallows but are hard like candy on the outside with goo on the inside: comes in different flavours including; chocolate, chocolate-cherry, butterscotch, and lushberry

Mashed Carnissa Root with Umber Leaves- mashed carnissa roots look like purple mush and the umber leaves are black stripes in the mush: carnissa roots tastes like cheeseburgers while the umber leaves taste like chicken.

Unknown Soup mentioned in book 1- green soup: tastes like pizza

Unknown Glop mentioned in book 1- orange glop: tastes like buttery banana bread

Unknown Cafeteria Food mentioned in book 1- a green ball: tastes very sour

Unknown Candy in book 2: white flakes: tastes like various fruits

Porcarot Pie- tastes like "bacon and more bacon, covered in melted cheese"

Mooncakes- looks like petit fours, tastes like fudge and marshmallow, dipped in chocolate cream

Fluffcreams- A delicious flaky pastry with honey and cinnamon and butter

Indigoobers- Gooey, juicy blue clusters that taste sweet.

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