List of all the Elven characters in The Keeper of the Lost Cities. For any character that are not Elves (animals, goblins, ogres, gnomes, etc) see the Non-Elf Characters page linked below. Shannon Messenger uses names as clues to their personalities and actions.

Main Characters:

Sophie Foster

Keefe Sencen

Fitzroy Vacker (Nickname: Fitz)

Biana Vacker

Dexter Dizznee (Nickname: Dex)

Tam Song

Linh Song


Grady Ruewen (Sophie's Adoptive Father)

Edaline Ruewen (Sophie's Adoptive Mother)

Jolie Ruewen (died in a fire)

Cassius Sencen

Gisela Sencen

Alden Vacker

Della Vacker

Alvar Vacker

Kesler Dizznee

Juline Dizznee

Lex Dizznee

Rex Dizznee

Bex Dizznee

Quan Song*

Mai Song*

  • real last name is Tong, but it was changed to Song because they write music

The Names & Their Meanings:

Name followed by dash= Middle name / = and Words in bold are the definition

Sophie-Elizabeth Wisdom-Oath of God/God is satisfaction

Keefe Noble/Gentle/Handsome

Fitzroy-Avery Son of the King/Seeker of Wisdom-Elf ruler/Elf counsel

Biana Fair-skinned

Alvar Elf army

Alden Old friend/Wise friend

Della Bright/Noble

Cassius Narcissistic/Vain

Gisela Pledge/(Giselle means) Hostage

Dexter-Alvin Right-handed, dexterous /Skilled-Wise friend

Grady Noble

Edaline Noble

Jolie-Lucine Cheerful/Pretty/Beautiful-Illumination  

Ruewen Ruin/Rueing

Brant Firebrand

Fintan White fire/ White bull (pyren - derived from pyre, which means a big bonfire, usually to burn the dead on)

Gethen Dark/Swarthy

Ruy It’s made up, as far as we can tell/vietnamese first name or unsure

Juline Youthful

Kesler Coppersmith

Tam Heart/Twin/Innocent

Linh Spirit/Soul

Jensi God is gracious

Marella Shining sea

Maruca Snail

Stina Pure

Timkin Is a surname.

Vika From the creek

Wylie Well-watered meadow

Prentice Apprentice/Learner

Cyrah Enthroned/Sun

Tiergan Strong-willed

Elwin Elf-wise friend

Oralie Golden

Kenric Fearless leader

Terik Thunder-ruler/ Powerful

Bronte The sound of the thunder

Alina Light/Noble

Clarette Clear

Quinlin Gently-shaped fellow/Perfection of form

Astin Bright as a star

Errol-Loki Army commander/Nobleman- Norse trickster god

Leto Hidden/forgotten

Cadence A rythmic flow of sound

Galvin White

Sandor Defender of Man

Woltzer Is a fake name

Brielle God is my strength

Cadoc Battle

Grizel Grey battle/Christian battle

Jurek Earth worker

Silveny Is a fake name

Greyfell A Norwegian horse

Dimitar Is a girl’s name, and it means Earth mother

Calla Beautiful

Caprise Fanciful ( derived from capricious, which means impulsive)

Valin Tailed (But she probably used it because it reminded her of Valentine)

Connor Strong-willed

Kate Pure/Clear

Natalie Christmas day

Amy-Rose Dearly loved/Beloved-Kind

Emma-Iris Whole/Universal-Rainbow (Iris, the Greek rainbow goddess)

William-David Resolute protector- Beloved

Vespera Eveningstar

Ro Battle