List of all the Elven characters in The Keeper of the Lost Cities. For any character that are not Elves (animals, goblins, ogres, gnomes, etc) see the Non-Elf Characters page linked below.

Main Characters:

Sophie Foster

Keefe Sencen

Fitzroy Vacker (Nickname: Fitz)

Biana Vacker

Dex Dizznee

Tam Song

Linh Song


Grady Ruewen (Sophie's Adoptive Father)

Edaline Ruewen (Sophie's Adoptive Mother)

Cassius Sencen

Gisela Sencen

Alden Vacker

Della Vacker

Alvar Vacker

Kesler Dizznee

Juline Dizznee

Lex Dizznee

Rex Dizznee

Bex Dizznee

The Names & Their Meanings:

Name followed by dash= Middle name / = and Words in bold are the definition

Sophie-Elizabeth Wisdom-Oath of God/God is satisfaction

Keefe Noble/Gentle/Handsome

Fitzroy-Avery Son of the King/Seeker of Wisdom-Elf ruler/Elf counsel

Biana White

Alvar Elf army

Alden Old friend/Wise friend

Della Bright/Noble

Cassius It is apparent that Cassius is a surname.

Gisela Pledge/(Giselle means) Hostage

Dexter-Alvin Right-handed/Skilled-Wise friend

Grady Noble

Edaline Noble

Jolie-Lucine Cheerful/Pretty/Beautiful-Illumination  

Ruewen Ruin/Rueing

Brant Proud

Fintan White fire/ White bull

Gethen It's made up, as far as we can tell.

Ruy It’s made up, as far as we can tell/vietnamese first name or unsure

Juline Youthful

Kesler Coppersmith

Tam Heart/Twin/Innocent

Linh Spirit/Soul

Jensi God is gracious

Marella Shining sea

Maruca Snail

Stina Pure

Timkin Is a surname.

Vika From the creek

Wylie Well-watered meadow

Prentice Apprentice/Learner

Cyrah Enthroned/Sun

Tiergan Strong-willed

Elwin Elf-wise friend

Oralie Golden

Kenric Fearless leader

Terrik Thunder-ruler/ Powerful

Bronte The sound of the thunder

Alina Light/Noble

Clarrete Clear

Quinlin Gently-shaped fellow/Perfection of form

Astin Bright as a star

Errol-Loki Army commander/Nobleman- Norse trickster god

Leto Hidden/forgotten

Cadence A rythmic flow of sound

Galvin White

Sandor Defender of Man

Woltzer Is a fake name

Brielle God is my strength

Cadoc Battle

Grizel Grey battle/Christian battle

Jurek Earth worker

Silveny Is a fake name

Greyfell A Norwegian horse

Dimitar Is a girl’s name, and it means Earth mother

Calla Beautiful

Caprise Fanciful

Valin Tailed (But she probably used it because it reminded her of Valentine)

Connor Strong-willed

Kate Pure/Clear

Natalie Christmas day

Amy-Rose Dearly loved/Beloved-Kind

Emma-Iris Whole/Universal-Rainbow (Iris, the Greek rainbow goddess)

William-David Resolute protector- Beloved


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