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Brant and Jolie
Some attributes
Pairing Name Brolie


Status A thing of the past.
Rivals Death.
Other attributes
First Met In Atlantis, when they were both friends.
Other Information A 'Bad Match', and they are both dead as of Lodestar.
Brolie is the romantic pairing of Brant and Jolie Ruewen. Brant and Jolie were engaged until Jolie died in a fire, set by Brant himself.

Brant and Jolie met in a pet shop in Atlantis when they were both six. They both wanted the same pet gremlin, and agreed to share it. They became inseperable best friends. However, Brant never manifested a special ability (because Pyrokinesis) was a banned ability.

Engagement Edit

Brant and Jolie were considered a bad match. Jolie requested all five Matchmaking scrolls, and Brant was not on any of them. They decided to get married anyway. Grady and Edaline supported Jolie in her decision because they knew how much she loved Brant. However, they asked Jolie to complete the Elite Levels at Foxfire before their marriage. Brant could not take the Elite Levels because he was Talentless. If they could survive two years apart, they could survive the hardship of being a bad match. While Jolie was away, Brant wrote her many sappy love letters.

Jolie's Death Edit

Jolie was killed in a fire that was set by Brant. When Sophie reads Brant's memory of the fire, she sees that the fire knocked him backward, but surrounded Jolie. Brant had no way to rescue her.

It is unknown if Brant murdered Jolie on purpose, or if it was a tragic accident. However, Brant did really love Jolie, and had a hard time hurting Sophie because Sophie looked like her.

Brant's Death Edit

Brant got killed in Lodestar, during the crumbling of Eternalia.

Other Names Edit

Brolie (Br/ant and J/olie)

Jant (J/olie and Br/ant)

Jolant (Jol/ie and Br/ant)

Similarities and Differences Edit

Similarities: Edit

  • They both were in love with each other
  • They both decided to get married, even though they were a Bad Match
  • They are both dead.

Differences: Edit