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Book 7 was first announced when Lodestar was released. It is currently available for order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and its release date was November 6, 2018.

Book 8 and Book 9 of the series have been confirmed as future releases.

Shannon Messenger announced that the title of book 7 would be announced on February 1, 2018. When she released the title, she said that she saw a few people had guessed it. The much awaited seventh book is named Flashback.

There is also a Barnes and Noble exclusive edition of Flashback, featuring illustrated end pages and a bonus chapter in Fitz's perspective, which will answer one of the longest standing questions from the series. It is available for preorder on the Barnes and Noble‘s official site. Fans (or non-fans) who pre-order any version of Flashback (audiobook, ebook, actual book) can sign up for the Flashback Giveaway to receive a signed bookplate, postcards featuring Iggy (yellow and sparkly as voted by fans) and a picture of Silveny and Greyfell! Fans have until November 6, 2018 to sign up.

Synopsis Edit

Sophie Elizabeth Foster doesn’t know what or who to believe. And in a game with this many players, the worst mistake can be focusing on the wrong threat.

But when the Neverseen prove that Sophie's far more vulnerable than she ever imagined, she realizes it's time to change the rules. Her powerful abilities can only protect her so far. To face down her ruthless enemies, she must learn to fight.    

Unfortunately, battle training can’t help a beloved friend who's facing a whole different danger—where the only solution involves one of the biggest risks Sophie and her friends have ever taken. And the distraction might be exactly what the villains have been waiting for.

In this unforgettable seventh book in the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling Keeper of the Lost Cities series, Sophie must let the past and present blur together, because the deadliest secrets are always the ones that get erased.

Shannon Messenger has also said: 

  1. Memory plays a big role in this book.
  2. The book will NOT be one long flashback.

Cover Edit

The cover was revealed on March 8, 2018 at 12:00 ( Pacific Time ).

In this scene, Sophie, Tam, and Wylie are at some ruins in a forest where the twin baby alicorn's hive is located. On the cover, Wylie and Tam are working together to produce the illusion of a bridge so that the baby alicorns will be hidden while they further develop. Sophie believes that she hears a noise in the woods and flings her goblin throwing star at it. She is wearing the new training clothes that Flori made for her, with more pockets to accompany weapons and other gadgets that Dex makes. Sophie is left handed due to her right arm still in recovery from Umber attacking her with shadowflux. She has a bracelet on her arm to improve her strength with her left arm. She also has a new Ruewen Crest that will scramble the Neverseens attempts at tracking her with technology.
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What We Know Edit

  • Iggy will be yellow and sparkly as voted by fans and readers on Shannon Messenger's Instagram.
  • On Amazon and Barnes &, it says that the hardcover will be 848 pages, but Shannon has said she doesn't know for sure yet.
  • There will be two more books in the series after Flashback that we know of.
  • There will be a Barnes and Noble exclusive version with original endpapers and a bonus chapter in Fitz's perspective that will answer one of the long-standing questions from the series.
  • The first 30 pages of Flashback are at the back of the Nightfall paperback, released October 2.
  • There will be a Sophitz hug scene on pages 416 and 417, confirmed on Twitter by Messenger's book editor.
  • There is a scene Shannon Messenger has been leading up to for six books, confirmed by her Twitter.
  • Shannon Messenger said on her Twitter that there will be a scene in which Silveny sleeps.
  • Shannon Messenger mentioned on Twitter that she regretted basing a species off of insects because of the images and research which had to be done, that could hint that arthropleura or possibly another mutant insect will be part of the book.
  • A paragraph Shannon Messenger wrote in Flashback includes the words 'in sync' which she misspelled 'nsync', as she said on Twitter.
  • Shannon Messenger has finished writing Flashback.
  • Flashback will be longer than Nightfall.
  • There is a scene on pages 695 - 696 which includes Sophie, Linh, Silveny, and Greyfell.
  • There are 52 chapters and 848 pages.

Quotes/Teasers Edit

  • "So is it strange coming here and not being the one on trial?" Keefe asked, checking his expertly styled blond hair in a shiny facet on one of the jeweled walls before he followed Sophie into Tribunal Hall. "Because I'd be happy to help you break a few laws if you're feeling left out."
  • "I'm tired of being weak," Sophie whispered. "I want to fight back—and I mean really fight."
  • Keefe smirked. “Epic Fitzphie fail.”
  • I’ve had to keep secrets my whole life, Sophie reminded him. It’s a hard habit to break. (Telepathic conversation.)
  • “Looks like things are about to get interesting here in sparkle town.”
  • “With the Neverseen...we’re always missing something. There’s always some trick we don’t see until it’s too late.”
  • “Embrace the sparkles, Foster,” Keefe told her. “They look good on you.”
  • “The battle is coming for me whether I want to fight or not.”
  • “Relax, I’m just giving you a hard time. It’s my greatest joy in life.”
  • “Anyone else thinks we have too many enemies?” Marella muttered under her breath.
  • "The thing is, Sophie told Keefe. It doesn't matter WHY we all became friends. Just that we did."
  • Tam whistled. "And to think, when I left Exillium, I thought my life as maybe going to be a little more normal.
  • "Oh joy, it's going to be a long night of sulky boy angst. . . Quick, who wants to change jobs with me?"
  • "The Neverseen are never going to stop- not until they've destroyed everything and taken over. And people like that... you can't beat them by playing it safe."

Summary Edit

Note: This is currently incomplete.

Many Vackers gathered to hear the Council decide what to do with Alvar, who had lost his memory. Sophie, Keefe, the Councillors, and bodyguards were the only non-Vackers present. The Council decided that they could not currently sentence Alvar due to his memory loss, and decided he was to spend six months at Everglen carefully observed.

  • The Training Area and an Encounter With the Neverseen

Sophie finds Fitz at a makeshift training area they had set up. After a while of talking and training with Grizel, members of the Neverseen show up. Umber tortures Sophie, Fitz, and their bodyguards. Sophie presses her panic switch, and eventually, Dex and Wylie arrive to save them. Sophie learns that the Caches are fakes.

  • The Recovery and Echos

Sophie and Fitz end up in the healing center at Foxfire, and are stuck there recovering for a really long time. Tam saves them from the shadowflux that Umber used. Sophie and Fitz have shadow imprints from their attack by Umber, called Echos. Sophie has one near her head, Fitz near his heart. Recovery time is spent resting from all their injuries and learning how to deal with their echos.

  • Sophie's trackers

Sophie learns that she's had a tracker that the Neverseen were using to track her. She and Keefe talk.

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