• SageBreeze52

    Ok, so there's probably millions of people out there who have already had this theory, but what if Flashback just consists of Sophie's memories, then suddenly you understand what's happening, then there's a huge fight scene of people trying to do stuff *hence the cover*?

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  • KotLC Fanbase

    Hello! when I read kotlc, I loved it so much that I made a YT channel for it! (then I discovered this and its so much better lol)


    please watch my introduction video first as it explains everything that I can't fit here. 

    (note: I don't do texting stories)

    Thanks! -KotLC Fanbase

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  • ArtistGirl1234

    New Wiki

    June 29, 2018 by ArtistGirl1234

    Hello! This is my first blog!

    Altina and I have created a new wiki called DIY Room Decoration for Kids . We hope that you like it and that you will contribute to it!

    Note: This wiki has nothing to do with KotLC.


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  • TheBookQueen16

    New Wiki

    June 29, 2018 by TheBookQueen16

    Welcome to my blog post! Thank you sooooooooo much for reading this.I cannot thank you enough.This is about a new Wiki that Altina and Zai made.Its called the DIY Room Decoration for Kids Wiki! It is fairl small right now,and we need people to add and edit.JOIN TODAY!

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  • Keefester14


    June 26, 2018 by Keefester14

    So, I have two theories about Silveny and why she is acting strange One is that she had a miscarriage, or that she has......... TWINS!!!!!!!!!!! And the reason she hasn't told Sophie is that she doesn't want the elves interfering with it since they have a strong dislike of twins. What do you think?

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  • Pommy Pyro

    Hey guys! Pommy here. 

    The SoKeefe Scavenger Hunt is completed, I'll be posting it in maybe one or two days. Thanks for being so patient!

    Biana&Tam's Birthday is coming up on the 28th! Make sure to say Happy Birthday. 

    Once I post the Scavenger Hunt, avoid pages about individual characters. Clues and riddles are dotted around everywhere. The Hunt has 13 pages included in it. Shipping pages are fine to look at though.

    My profile lists some KOTLC writers on Wattpad if you need some fanfics. 

    That's all for now! Have a great Day/ Night/ Week/ Life!

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  • Book by Book

    About Me

    June 10, 2018 by Book by Book

    Hello my name is Sydney.

    This is the oldest to youngest order

    Elizabeth (Unicorn Level)

    Alexander (Yeti Level)

    Catherine (Sabertooth Tiger Level)

    Annabeth (Sabertooth Tiger Level)

    Sydney (Dragon Level)

    Aiden (Dragon Level)

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  • Book by Book

    More Stories

    June 2, 2018 by Book by Book

    Story 1

    My name is Luna, and I've never really known who I am. That all changed when a mysterious boy appeared on my doorstep. He didn't say his name or anything about himself her just grabbed my wrist and pulled closer and closer towards the fires that had been spreading all throught my small town. He stopped, letting go of my wrist he pushed directly into the monsterous flame. I held my breath, not wanting to breath in any smoke, and tried to put out the small fires on my clothes. Time passed, minute after minute, second after second, I had to breath. I closed my eyes and took in a breath. I choked back a small cough then was able to breath perfectly fine. Suddenly I heard a strange voice in my head, :Luna, come on back out of the fire, I…

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  • Book by Book

    My Stories

    June 2, 2018 by Book by Book

    Hello my name is Sydney and one of my favorite things to do is write, here is a short excerpt of one of my stories.

    Caroline looked distantly off into the sunset, a thousand thoughts crossing her mind. What is this place? Why am I here? Most importantly Who am I? My life changed in so many different ways, how is this any differnt. "It's different because it's a change, all those past moments were small but this, this change is guiding towards your greater purpose," telepathically spoke Alex. 'GET OUT OF MY HEAD" Caroline said, her mental voice loud and upset. As the sun set, she ran off down the hill into the old barn.

    Tell me what you thought as a title just say #Caroline.

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  • QueenOfTurfWars


    May 27, 2018 by QueenOfTurfWars


    it's me again.


    i am the cat typing this.

    i am also Cat. 

    so yeah.


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  • Abastonia

    I am a new fandom user and have a lot to say about the series The Keeper of the Lost Cites, so I'll continue and try to make this not too long.

    A couple of months ago I started reading this series and have already finished the latest book (Nightfall).For some reason it feels like all of the characters relate to me and my life, as well as all of my friends and our personalities. This got me thinking about what the book would look like in movie form. Well I continued thinking more and more about it everyday and now I am 255% sure it would make a fantastic movie. Hopefully people agree with me. I had a great idea about how it would all work out as a movie. In the book, everyone knows Sophie thinks a lot in her head and it explains most things …

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  • Abastonia

    I am a new fandom user and have a lot to say about the series The Keeper of the Lost Cites, so I'll continue and try to make this not too long. A couple of months ago I started reading this series and have already finished the latest book (Nightfall).For some reason it feels like all of the characters relate to me and my life, as well as all of my friends and our personalities. This got me thinking about what the book would look like in movie form. Well I continued thinking more and more about it everyday and now I am 255% sure it would make a fantastic movie. Hopefully people agree with me. I had a great idea about how it would all work out as a movie. In the book, everyone knows Sophie thinks a lot in her head and it explains most thing…

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  • AlenhandTam12


    May 23, 2018 by AlenhandTam12

    1:Bex Dizznee is actually really sweet. She would be Biana's love advice assistant, taking notes and being a psychiatrist. She would be that friend that would listen to love songs 24/7 (ME RN LOL) like Better Not

    2:Biana is short. Like, 5 feet tall short. 

    3: Keefe and Tam like each other, they're just too stubborn and stupid to admit it (that you found love... I need to stop)

    4:When Dex modified Sophie's iPod, he made it so that everytime one of her favorite artists came out with a song, she would get the song.

    5: When Back to You by Selena Gomez came out, Sophie listened to it and immediately thought of Dex

    6:Biana manages to listen to all the songs on Sophie's iPod and sings them when they're all over at Everglen


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  • Sophiefoster18

    I've decided to write a Sophitz story. I promise that I'll write a Sokeefe one soon! This story is on my message wall. Visit me at Sophiefoster18! HERE WE GO!

    (At a Black Swan Hideout)

    Characters: Sophie, Fitz, Keefe, Tam, Biana, Tiergan, and Dex


    Keefe: Hey, Foster, can you help me with something?

    Sophie: Sure, Keefe. 

    Keefe: Over here.

    Sophie: Um....okay....

    Keefe: So, you remember when you were holding me on Riverdrift? When we were going to Ravagog?

    Sophie: Oh yeah! You said you'd tell me something "later". Have you told me yet? No. 

    Keefe: Yeah, yeah, Foster. Calm down. I'm telling you now. 

    Sophie: What is it?

    Keefe: Sophie, I like you. 

    Sophie: Ha ha Keefe. I know you like Biana.

    Keefe: I'm not joking, Sophie. I really like you…

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  • PanakesBlossom

    Gelato A Short Story by Sophie E. M.

    Rays of the setting sun fell on a warm square in Florence, Italy, accompanying the sweet smell of Jasmin drifting through the air. It was late afternoon- most of the concession stalls were beginning to close, and the crowd of tourists was thinning.

    A small hubbub emerged from a group a school girls standing at a gelato stand. The cause of their fuss was an incredibly handsome young man boasting perfect dark hair and intriguingly teal sparkling eyes. Although his beauty was un-matchable, the reason for the shocked giggles came from the girl standing next to him. She wore a sky blue tunic embroidered with purple hydrangea blossoms and suspicious long gray gloves. Shoulder-length blonde hair complimented her…

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  • Fitz Vacker

    So Hey All

    May 14, 2018 by Fitz Vacker

    I’m guessing a lot of people will be reading this, seeing as our family is very high up in the elven world, and that will undoubtedly be the same in the Forbidden Cities.

    Needless to say, I am Fitz Vacker.

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  • Keefe the AWESOMMEE

    So the Dexter was like “hey Keefe check out what I found on this human thing the Internet” and I was like “oookay?” And there’s this thing called Wikipedia where famous people get an entry AND I THE AWESOME KEEFE HAVE ONE YAYYY

    anyway. See ya

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  • Rararobin14


    May 13, 2018 by Rararobin14

    welcome to another *couph boring couph couph * (sry i have a couph) seesion with MEEEE oliviaa! weel my b-day was on sunday! soo ya nowi am OFFICALLI 13 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YAAAAAA 13 AHAA ( that  me dancng a dum b day dance)



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  • KotlcIsTheBest

    150 EDITS! =D

    May 13, 2018 by KotlcIsTheBest

    I got 150 edits today!!!! =D

    okay maybe not that big of a milestone but I feel pourd of myself! XD

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  • Rararobin14


    May 13, 2018 by Rararobin14

    weel bassicly i have no patincee writin a blog soooo ya but one day ill overcome my lazyniss one day... in the furtere.. a llllllllllllllllllllllloooonggg time from now........ DID I JUST PUT U TO SLEEP WHY WHY WHY ARE U STILL READING THIS ARE U SLEEEEEEEEPPPING  YA UR PROBBABBLE SLEEPPING WHATEV TOODELES ~Olivia~

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  • KotlcIsTheBest

    50 EDITS!

    May 9, 2018 by KotlcIsTheBest

    I have gotton 50 edits since I joined three days ago (May 5th) ! YAY ME!

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  • KotlcIsTheBest

    Joke 1:

    Keefe: Are we really going to keep that thing? *points to Tam* An angsty teen with issues with his family?!

    Sophie: Well we kept you didn't we?

    Joke 2:

    How Jolie Really Died

    Brant: I can either bake these cookies for ten minutes at 400 degrees or for one minute at 4000 degrees.

    Jolie: That's not how it-

    Brant: HOW ABOUT 4000000 FOR ONE SECOND

    Jolie: BRANT NO

    Joke 3:

    Keefe: Y'know, I don't really like your last name.

    Sophie: What?

    Keefe: In fact, I think you should change it.

    Sophie: Change it to what?

    Keefe: Sencen. *walks away*

    Sophie: ... Wait, did you just propose to me?! GET BACK HERE!

    Joke 4:​​​​​​​

    Fitz: You're not human, but an elf. Your telepathic powers come from a rare ability that only some elves have. You're gonna have to leave your fam…

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  • AlenhandTam12

    Hi! It's Alenh Valdez here, just your multi-ship shipper. I like to read KOTLC (obviously), PJO, HOO, MCGA, TOA, KC, HG, Divergent, HP, MPHFPC, and more. I like dystopian/apocalyptic setting, as well as fantasy. My "Canon or likely to be canon" ships include, but are not limited to, Percabeth, Solangelo, Frazel, Caleo, Jason(R.I.P.)/Piper, Sokeefe, Linhiana, Tiana, Malex/Beatrice, Samir, Blitzstone, Gunderkeen, Zarter, Salt/Sanubis, Everlark, Fourtris, Ronmione, Jemma, Fugh, and Enorace. I ship Sophie with almost everyone in Keeper, their whole friend group but Wonderboy and Wylie, pretty much. . . yeah, I have a problem with Fitz's {Various gagging noise} ego. 

    I am on a drill team for Girl Scouts. I started a book club, started Middle Sch…

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  • AlenhandTam12

    Keefe: Hey, Bangs Boy . . . what are you doing here?

    Tam: Linh made me come. . . whoah. What happened to your hair?

    {Keefe's hair looks nearly identical to Tam's}

    Keefe: Dex and Biana's stupid pranks happened.

    Linh: If it's any consolation- Sophie, please stop playing with my hair- Tam-

    Sophie: {Slaps hand over her mouth} Shhhh. . .  let him figure it out on his own.

    Tam: {Blushes} I'm just gonna. . . leave. . . bye.

    Linh: NOPE!

    {Doors lock}

    Tam: Blur, help?

    Blur: No.

    Dex: {From outside} Can't leave 'till ya confess, Tammy.

    {Mistletoe appears above Keefe and Tam}

    Blur: {Chants} Confess! Confess! Confess!

    Tam: {Starts singing Superheroes: by The Script}

    {Lights flicker} {Tam stops singing}

    Keefe: {Puzzled} What's…

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  • SophitzFoster

    I will be gradually adding to this post. Comment if you have something for me to add, please!

    • In book one, Kesler mentions "Vika and Timkin Logner." That could be Timkin's last name before he married Vika.
    • In book one, it mentions "soupy green stuff that tasted like pizza." In book three, it says "Gnomes really did grow the best-tasting vegetables--though she had yet to discover a pizza-flavored one.
    • In book three, Sandor says "Secrets hinder my ability to protect you-- whether I'm keeping them, or you are." In book four, Mr. Forkle says "That applies to you keeping secrets from him. Not the other way around,"
    • In Nightfall, Bullhorn is referred to as Bullseye.

    • Before Sophie knows why Biana became her friend, Alden glances at Biana when saying "…

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  • ExcuseMeForAMomentI'mFanGirling

    FOR BEING SO LIT!!!! LOL!!! DAB ON THEM HATERSSS! And yes I have haters:(

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  • ExcuseMeForAMomentI'mFanGirling

    YAYYYYYY! Not anywhere near 1000, but enough that *cough cough* I could maybe *cough cough* be counted as a major contributor *cough cough.*  

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  • Hihihi nia!


    May 2, 2018 by Hihihi nia!

    Guys, do you ever wonder why echolocation isn't an ability??? Because it should be.

    Echolocation is used by many cetaceans to locate objects using sound. It is also used by bats. They listen to the echos to locate the object. Wouldn't that be an amazing ability?

    Sources: Google, Wikipedia ( Guys, don't kill me. Wikipedia is good for anything but project research. )

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  • VicqBlakemore


    I'm a little new around here but if you want to see my other goings on gon on over to Quotev and look up VicqBlakemore and you'll get some prototype books and book reveiws. As you already know, I'm an Empath, but i write too. I'm not big into fanfiction but i will write one if you request. 

    GASP i do requests?!?!?!?! 

    Yes, in fact i do do requests. It keeps my mind turning. If you ask for one it won't be long though.

    I also like anime *arg! don't attack this weeb!*. Pls don't make fun of me for it. i get enough of that for being an English nerd and having the ability to read a book in about a night. Oh yeah, i stay up pretty late so don't expect me to post every day, although i might after i get my new laptop *evil laugher ensues*

    By the …

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  • ExcuseMeForAMomentI'mFanGirling

    I joined March 26, 2018 and now it's April 26, 2018! YAYAYYAYAYAYYAY! 58 edits already!

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  • SophitzFoster

    My Brother

    April 25, 2018 by SophitzFoster

    Please welcome my brother, I Ship Sophitz, to the wiki! As you might have guessed, he's a fellow Sophitz shipper. He's also my twin!

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  • ExcuseMeForAMomentI'mFanGirling

    Hey guys! This is a story about my little sister. I convinced her to read KOTLC, and she did read the first book, and wants to continue, so that's great! BUTTTT..... I asked her what she thought the next books would be about, based on their titles, and this is what she said (It slowly gets funnier):

    EXILE: "Sophie either gets Exiled, OR she goes to find Prentice!"

    EVERBLAZE: "Well, that's obvious, it's about the Everblaze!" A/N and she thinks Sophie will stop it, which she kinda does.

    NEVERSEEN: "Umm, it's about someone who is... never seen?

    LODESTAR: "It's about a star that.... loads?" ME: "No, Lode as in L-O-D-E" HER: "Umm, what?" ME: "It means something" HER: "I give up"

    NIGHTFALL: "Umm, the Black Swan makes it so that night falls and it won…

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  • Psychic Turtle-corn

    HOI, im turtle corn, and i have no idea what thi s"blog" is.. is this a nessisary thing? is it like a story to rigth? Okay... WEll.. Hm.. ('O

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  • Hihihi nia!

    Sophie and Fitz

    Fitzphie is a choice that I choose. I do not hate Sokeefe, but I just believe that Fitz is a better choice for Sophie. They have been through everything together, becoming cognates, crying on each other's shoulders, fighting. I guess being telepaths counts as a bad match. Whatever. Jolie didn't care. Or take Juline. She didn't care. Kesler is a talentless. So what? Sophie wouldn't care as much, if at all, if she became a bad match with Fitz. 

    Keefe and Sophie

    I understand why people think Sokeefe is Keefe centered, however I disagree with that. Sure, Sophie cares about Keefe very much. Keefe cares very much about Sophie, just like Sophie cares about him. To me, saying that it is Keefe - centered is just incorrect. But I just d…

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  • Bananazilla the Telepath

    Heyo! Banana here! This wiki is so amazing and awesome, but I am very, very sorry to say that my life is becoming hectic, and I am the current founder of the Fun Fandom KotLC (totally not an advertisement) so you may not see me on here very much. If you want to talk, go to my wiki! It's linked on my profile--it's sweet and we have some awesome admins there. Thank you for understanding.

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  • Sabbby

    Sorry for the light changes.

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  • Sabbby

    Hi. Tomorrow I will post the limited edition KEEFE chapter from nightfall. ( in case you want it )

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  • Bananazilla the Telepath

    Just wanted to be here to say that the new wiki has happened and is a total success! Come join us here if you want to have tons of fun! If you don't want to have fun...well, don't click that button. Anyway, just wanted to let people know they can join freely now! Thank you to everyone who helped with its creation! 


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  • Bananazilla the Telepath

    So, I just wanted to bring this to people's attention. I have 0 intent of ever leaving this wiki, but I am also contemplating whether to start my own, and I was wondering who would like to see the kind of wiki I am trying to make.

    A Keeper wiki where people can post their OCs, roleplays, fanfics, etc. freely. People do that on this wiki, but it might be fun to have a whole site devoted to it. This might be a stupid idea, and I just wanted to throw it out there. Again, I will always be loyal to this amazing wiki. Thank you to everyone awesome here, and I'm open to all feedback people have. 

    Have a great day!

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  • Bananazilla the Telepath


    March 17, 2018 by Bananazilla the Telepath

    I just wanted to let everyone know something in this small blog post. It seemed useless trying to hide my real name, since like, half of you already know it, and it doesn't really matter if you all just know my first name now. So on my profile it now has my real name on it, in case anybody was wondering what it is. My name is Preston, and thank you for reading this :) 

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  • Bananazilla the Telepath

    Hi, Banana here!

    I wanted to test out the blogging thing on the wiki, so this is just my small announcement that most already know about, but I hope you enjoy my short message.

    Most people already know, but I just wanted to make it official that I AM Sokeefe now. In case anyone had any question of it, it is officially confirmed here...right now. No more debate or anything. No more wondering about my ship. I have an all-life pass to be a Sokeefe. I don't want to get into any ship wars or anything, I just want to be a Sokeefe supporter and have fun. 

    Thank you to everyone on this wiki for being so bookish and awesome!

    Just a small message from Banana that you probably didn't need to waste any of your precious time on, but thank you for reading i…

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  • Hihihi nia!

    I like Keefe, I just don't like how he interrupts every Fitzphie moment. I ship him with Biana. However, there is something that would have changed that, but it didn't happen in the books.

    If you were reading the Keefe Opinion, it says that I would have something to say about that topic later. Well, here it is!

    I was reading a fan fiction called A Big Mistake. It is by a Wattpad person called RainbowQueen13. I love it so much, partially because it includes a girl named Isabel, who is Sophie's twin sister in the book. I am not going to spoil, but if Isabel was in the real books, I ship her and Keefe more than Keefiana. And since Isabel's last name is Foster in the book, it is technically called Team Foster - Keefe, but it also isn't, since F…

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  • Piggypowa

    My Dreams

    March 8, 2018 by Piggypowa

    Sophie? How are you today? a booming voice asked startling her awake. "What.. What time is it? and who just said something?" she asked her dark room groggily Sophie its me. Are you awake? the voice boomed again with little recognition. "F...Fitz?" she said out loud "I mean," Fitz is that you? If so why are you waking me up from my most peaceful sleep in awhile? she said Oh..I..Um...He stammered I need to talk to you he said after awhile. Umm....okay? Can we do this in the morning? she asked as her sleep tried to take over. I'm actually already here. he said sheepishly I'm sitting under Calla's tree he added over her growl of frustration. Fine. Give me a minute to get dressed and I'll be right out. Oh and prepare your ears for a lot of screaming. she sai…

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  • Piggypowa

    so first there are the two obvious Keefe and Fitz. My first choice is Fitz (who has shown to have a crush on Sophie) because he is honest and loyal and when he can't talk Sophie out of her life threatening plans he'll join her and try his hardest to protect her. Then there's Keefe he shows that he has strong feelings for Sophie, but Sophie doesn't know if she can trust him yet. I mean he joined the enemy and he claims he had no part in there evil doings, but us and Sophie don't know that. To Sophie and the rest of their friends he still could be a threat to them. Don't get me wrong Keefe and Sophie would make a super cute couple, but how do we know Keefe won't endanger Sophie for trying to do the "right" thing? Then there's Dex. Sweet inn…

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  • SunshineAnnie


    February 28, 2018 by SunshineAnnie

    I recommend Eliza not leave her account logged in or someone might hack it.

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  • SophitzFoster

    Welcome Bot

    February 27, 2018 by SophitzFoster

    Apparently I'm the new bot that automatically welcomes people to the wiki so yeah. That's cool. 

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  • Luna di Angelo

    Ship Wars

    February 26, 2018 by Luna di Angelo

    Hey guys, it's Luna!

    I've just been noticing how there've been quite a bit of shipping wars going on that get a little bit out of hand. I just want to post this as a reminder to all of you to be respectful. Please try and keep shipping comments that do not pertain to the page you are on on the specific shipping pages. Also, in the character relationships sections, don't diss on other ships/change the love interest degrees if they're up to debate (i.e. Sophitz/Sokeefe being unlikely or one-sided. this is since they are the biggest ships and cause a lot of dispute. By this, I do not mean to say putting Alden and Councillor Alina as an unlikely couple, since it is general knowledge that they won't get together). 

    Thank you all for cooperating!  …

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  • Littlemallowmelt

    I love the Keeper books- and I might be a little bit obsessed.

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  • SophitzFoster

    This blog post is to assist anyone who is new to the wiki, especially wikia in general. Feel free to add information! To get started editing, just click the button that says "Edit" to the right of the page title. When you're done editing, click "Save page" on the far right of the editing popup. Next, write a brief summary of what you changed. This is greatly appreciated; something as simple as "I fixed punctuation" is acceptable. If you don't remember everything you changed, hit "Review changes" on the bottom left and then "Return to save form" on the bottom right when you're done looking. Finally, check "Minor edit" if you did something barely noticable like fixing grammar, and "Follow page" if you would like to receive updates of the pag…

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  • SophitzArmada

    After Nightfall, Sophie is under Calla's tree.

    Sophie was lazily sprawled under Calla's tree. She was bored, and let the cool air swish around her and her thoughts. Suddenly, her mind drifted to feelings. She liked Fitz, yes, but Keefe was attractive and - well there was a lot of things to like about him. Sophie thought about Fitz and how his glittering teal eyes always bore into her boring brown eyes. How Fitz's gorgeous dark brown hair was so soft whenever she touched it. The way Fitz was always ready to help her out, and how Fitz was so open with himself.

    Yeah, I definitely like him. Sophie thought. I don't even know why I'm thinking about this stuff. I've fought the elvin world's most dangerous elves, and here I am thinking about guys. 


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