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“I will do anything in my power to help my world.”

—Sophie Foster, in Neverseen
The Black Swan

The Black Swan are a group of elves, dwarves, and gnomes. They are the ones who created Sophie.

Pre-Keeper Edit

The Black Swan are the ones who created Sophie as Project Moonlark. Also, Prentice, their keeper, had his mind broken and was sent to Exile. Mr. Forkle became Sophie's neighbor and called the hospital when she hit her head.

Keeper of the Lost Cities Edit

One of the leaders of the group, Mr. Forkle, was Sophie's neighbor in the Forbidden Cities. When the Neverseen kidnapped Sophie and Dex, the Black Swan came to their rescue. It was also the Black Swan that set up the necessary elements for Sophie to catch the everblaze burning in the Forbidden Cities, using Gildie, the flareadon, and Prattles pins.

Exile Edit

The Black Swan started leaving clues for Sophie. She and Keefe went to the Black Swan so Sophie's abilities could be fixed to heal Alden Vacker from a broken mind. When the Neverseen found the cave and tried to get Silveny, the Black Swan fought them off, allowing Sophie, Keefe and Silveny to escape.

Everblaze Edit

Mr. Forkle helped Fitz get Sophie's trust so she would allow him into her mind. At the end of the book, Sophie, Fitz, Biana, Keefe and Dex decide to go find the Black Swan to join them and run from the council.

Neverseen Edit

Lodestar Edit

Nightfall Edit

Members Edit

MR. FORKLE - aka Magnate Leto and Sir Astin: ( deceased) The head of Project Moonlark and leader of the Collective. He was thought to be dead but actually had a twin brother who he shared a life with, so now Mr. Forkle is only one person.

JOLIE RUEWEN: (deceased- see Wanderling Woods): A double agent who worked against the Neverseen, but was killed by Brant, a pyrokinetic of the Neverseen. Hidden a report in Havenfield for sixteen years before Sophie Foster uncovered it.

PRENTICE ENDAL: The Keeper for the Black Swan. His mind was broken by Alden under the order of the Council. Imprisoned in Exile afterwards, until he was saved by Sophie Foster, Dex Dizznee, Biana Vacker, Keefe Sencen, Fitz Vacker and the Collective. Currently in the Stone House for rehabilitation.

GRANITE: aka TIERGAN: The second-most important member of the Collective.

SOPHIE ELIZABETH FOSTER: The Project Moonlark. She is a Telepath, Inflictor, Enhancer, Teleporter, and Polygot. She is the only elf with brown eyes. She is Fitz's Cognate.

FITZ VACKER: Fitz is a telepath and Sophie's Cognate. He is one of the only members of the Black Swan that can read Sophie's mind.

BIANA VACKER: (as of Neverseen) A Vanisher. Sophie's friend and Fitz's sister.

KEEFE SENCEN: (as of Neverseen) An Empath. Sophie and Fitz's friend. He worked as a double agent for a short while, which resulted in catastrophe.

DEX DIZZNEE:(as of Neverseen) A Technopath, and Sophie's friend. He had a crush on Sophie.

TAM SONG:(as of Lodestar) A Shade. Discovered (along with Biana) the Neverseen's hidden room behind the Lodestar Mirror in the Silver Tower.

LINH SONG:(as of Lodestar) A hydrokinetic. Flooded Ravagog after stealing the "cure" for the gnomes, and prevented the flooding of Atlantis during Lady Gisela's escape.

Coiffe - aka TIMKIN HEKS : Fur covers his hooves on his hands and feet as a disguise.

Physic - aka Livvy: a physician that heals Fitz after he is injured while rescuing Prentice. She used to be part of the collective.

SQUALL - aka Juline Dizznee:  A Froster who is part of the Collective. She is Dex's mom.

BLUR (unknown identity): part of the Collective, a Phaser who disguises himself by "phasing" then reforming only partway, so he looks blurry.

WRAITH (unknown identity): A skilled Vanisher who is part of the Collective. He can vanish partially, making only his clothes appear.

CALLA (deceased, see Panakes ): A gnome who played a key role in Sophie's creation by keeping the elves grounded. Although later she sacrificed herself to stop the plaque.

LUR: A gnome that was friends with Calla, who located (along with Mitya) Sophie and Dex when they were kidnapped.

MITYA: A gnome that was friends with Calla, who located (along with Lur) Sophie and Dex when they were kidnaped.

LADY CADENCE: Sophie's linguistics teacher, who insisted on joining the Black Swan as one of her terms for being their escort to Ravagog.

MARELLA REDEK (it is not currently known if she has sworn fealty): A pyrokinetic, who was previously great friends with Sophie Foster, joins to go to Lady Gisela's Nightfall.

LORD CASSIUS: Keefe's father, an Empath, who insisted on joining as a condition for revealing the location of the original Nightfall.

Ermite: deceased dwarf working with the Black swan he died at the battle of mount everest