Linhiana, is the romantic (and/or platonic) pairing of Biana and Linh.
Characters Shipped Status Rivals
Biana Vacker and Linh Song Friends/ Possible Mutual Romance Keefe and Biana, Biana and Dex, Fitz and Linh, Dex and Linh, Biana and Tam, Biana and Jensi, Keefe and Linh

(Other) Names Edit

  • Liana (Li/nh and Biana)
  • Linhana (Linh and Bi/ana)
  • Bianh (Bian/a and Lin/h; alternately Bia/na and Li/nh)

Moments Edit

Neverseen Edit

  • Linh meets Biana and bows
  • Biana compliments Linh's hair

(Information to be added)

Similarities and Differences Edit

Similarities Edit

  • Both have a brother the same age or near the same age as them
  • Both have already manifested (Biana as a Vanisher and Linh as a Hydrokinetic)
  • Both are part of the Black Swan
  • Both grew up in the Elvin world

Differences Edit

  • Biana has gone to Foxfire for all of her life while Linh has attended Exillium for a long time
  • The households they grew up in were vastly different (Biana's parents were happy of their children and their accomplishments while Linh's parents were ashamed of their children)
  • Linh is around fifteen, while Biana is thirteen.

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