Biana and Linh

Biana and Linh

Linhiana, is the friendship pairing of Biana and Linh.
Characters Shipped Status Rivals
Biana Vacker and Linh Song Friends Keefe and Biana, Biana and Dex, Fitz and Linh, Dex and Linh, Biana and Tam, Biana and Jensi, Keefe and Linh

(Other) Names Edit

  • Liana (Li/nh and Biana)
  • Linhana (Linh and Bi/ana)
  • Bianh (Bian/a and Lin/h; alternately Bia/na and Li/nh)

Moments Edit

Neverseen Edit

  • Linh meets Biana and bows
  • Biana compliments Linh's hair

Nightfall Edit

  • Biana defends Linh by saying "Aw, she has (Linh) has awesome control,"

(Information to be added)

Similarities and Differences Edit

Similarities Edit

  • Both have a brother the same age or near the same age as them
  • Both have already manifested (Biana as a Vanisher and Linh as a Hydrokinetic)
  • Both are part of the Black Swan
  • Both grew up in the Elvin world

Differences Edit

  • Biana has gone to Foxfire for all of her life while Linh has attended Exillium for a long time
  • The households they grew up in were vastly different (Biana's parents were happy of their children and their accomplishments while Linh's parents were ashamed of their children)
  • Linh is around fifteen, while Biana is thirteen.