Biana & Jensi
Some attributes
Pairing Name Jeana


Status Friends/ One sided love
Rivals Biana & Keefe

Jensi & Marella Biana & Dex

Other attributes
First Met Before Book 1, unofficially. Became closer during Book 1

Biana and Jensi is the romantic/friendship pairing of Biana Vacker and Jensi. Jensi likes Biana a lot, and is always trying to get her attention and never missing a chance to compliment her. There is not much interaction between these two characters. Jensi is more of a more minor character and they only seem to see each other at Foxfire. Jensi also has a little feeling for Sophie, but Biana may have feelings for Jensi.

Other Names Edit

  • Jeana (Je/nsi and Bi/ana)
  • Bensi (B/iana and J/ensi)
  • Jenna (Jen/si and Bia/na)

Moments Edit

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Book 1 Edit

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile Edit

  • Jensi expresses concern when Biana doesn't show up after awhile at their level three opening ceremonies practice.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Everblaze Edit

  • Jensi is very happy for Biana when she manifests and asks her a lot of questions.

Similarities and Differences Edit

Similarities: Edit

  • They are both elves
  • They are both level 3 at Foxfire
  • They both dislike Stina Heks
  • They both attend Foxfire

Differences: Edit

  • Biana has a special ability (Vanisher) while Jensi has not yet manifested
  • Biana has dark brown hair, while Jensi has light brown hair
  • Biana goes to join the Black Swan, and Jensi stays in the Lost Cities.

Trivia Edit

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