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Alluveterre is one of the Black Swan's secret hideouts. The king of the dwarves agreed to let the Black Swan use it. The only way to get to Alluventerre is through a secret passageway that only Sophie, her friends, Della, and the Black Swan know how to get to. When Sophie and her friends are isolated from society for treasonous acts, they are forced to go to Alluveterre to conceal themselves from the furious Councillors. Alluveterre was basically Sophie and her friend's second home until the Councillors' released them from their banishment. Mr. Forkle and the rest of the Black Swan's Collective also visit frequently to communicate with Sophie and her friends. It ended up being destroyed when Keefe stole Tam's crystal and escaped to Alluveterre with Alvar.

Basic Knowledge Edit

Alluveterre was always there to shelter and protect Sophie and her friends. When they come back from Exillium, they always go to Alluveterre, to either rest in their separate tree houses provided for them, or eat in the common house.

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