Alicorns are horses with feathered wings and a horn jutting out of their forehead. Only two are known to exist.

With a baby alicorn on the way. Their have brown eyes with gold flecks, much like Sophie. Alicorns can teleport, as well as inflict positive emotions and track thoughts to their exact location. Alicorns come in colors such as grey and white. Their manes are said to look silvery and feel like ice. Their horns looked swirled white and silver. The only two known alicorns are Silveny and Greyfell. Silveny, as found out in Neverseen is pregnant so to protect Silveny, her future baby, and Greyfell, Sophie released them into the wild, checking on Silveny every couple of months.


Elves thought they knew about every creature that existed until they found the first alicorn: a male they named Greyfell, who was trained by Silla Heks. They'd been searching for another alicorn for a millennium until Sophie found the first female alicorn while attempting to track a sasquatch with her adoptive father Grady, and body guard Sandor in Keeper of the Lost Cities Exile.


Alicorns are white horses with white wings, white horn, and white mane and tail. Every bit of them sparkle, even their feces, and as Sophie finds out from Silveny's morning sickness, their puke. However, the tips of the wings of male alicorns are blue.

Known AlicornsEdit


Silveny - Silveny is the alicorn found by Sophie Foster in Exile. She lived in the Sanctuary and is very important because she is the only female alicorn known to exist. Much to Sophie's dismay, Keefe gave her the nickname 'Glitter Butt'. She now lives in the wild because Sophie set her free to keep her safe from the Neverseen.

Greyfell - Is the only known male alicorn. He lives in the Sanctuary and was rehabilitated by the Hekses. Sophie learned through her telepathy that Greyfell had a hard life before he was rehabilitated, seeing his family and friends hunted and killed by humans and ogres alike. He flies with Silveny, going where she does.

The Baby Alicorn - In Neverseen, Lodestar, and Nightfall, it is confirmed by Silveny that she is pregnant. The Councillors agreed to free the alicorns from the Sanctuary after Keefe told King Dimitar that Silveny was pregnant. Sophie agreed that she would check in with Silveny to make sure she and the baby were doing okay.