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Aldella, or Dellden, is the romantic pairing of Alden Vacker and Della Vacker. Della and Alden are married with three children; Alvar, Fitz, and Biana. They care for each other deeply and rely on each other through hardships. When Alden's mind broke in Book 2, Della was devastated by his loss. It is unknown how the two of them have coped with the betrayal of Alvar in Book 4.

Similarities and Differences Edit


  • They both graduated from Foxfire
  • They both live at Everglen
  • They both care for Sophie and offer to adopt her


  • Della is part of the Black Swan, and Alden is not

Trivia Edit

  • Della was the first of the pair to join the Black Swan despite Alden being the one to have studied their activity for years.
  • When it was though Sophie would be displaced from Grady and Edaline's home at Havenfield Alden and Della were willing to adopt Sophie.