Alden Vacker and Councillor Alina are not in a romantic relationship.  However, Alina likes Alden and even came to Alden and Della's wedding and begged Alden to marry her instead. Alina still has feelings for Alden, much to his dismay. Alina also has always sided with Alden. They used to date before Alden broke up with her because she was too "smothering."

Characters Shipped Status Rivals
Councillor Alina and Alden Vacker A one sided crush Alden and Della

Other Names Edit

  • Aldina (Alden and Alina)
  • Alien (Alina and Alden)
  • Aldena (Alden and Alina)

Similarities and Differences Edit

Similarities: Edit

  • They are both elves.
  • They both hold high positions.
  • Their names start with A.
  • They are both in the nobility.

Differences: Edit

  • Alina is a Beguiler, while Alden is a Telepath.
  • Alina is on the Council while Alden works as an Emissary.
  • Alden does not like Alina while she likes him.
  • In book 3, Alden is on Sophie's side while Alina is not.
  • Alden is married, and Alina is not.
  • Alina likes Alden, while it seems Alden is "slightly" terrified of her.
  • Alina is vain, Alden isn't.