"No reason to worry." Edit

-Alden's favorite words.

Alden Vacker is part of the Vacker family and lives in Everglen. He works for the Council as an Emissary - someone who is sent on a special mission, usually as a diplomatic representative. Because of his job he often wears a midnight blue cape. His trade mark line is 'no reason to worry' to reassure and support the people around him.

The name Alden means "Old friend" & "Wise friend"

Appearance Edit

Alden has teal eyes and wavy brown hair- the family resemblance between him and his son Fitz is very strong. He has very kind eyes that made Sophie trust him when she first came to live with the elves. Alden is a very strong Telepath. He and his family are all very handsome.

Biography Edit

Alden is first introduced in the first book of Keeper of the Lost Cities and quickly becomes an important character. Sophie relies on Alden throughout the books, and Alden, in turn, will rely on Sophie. An example of this is in Exile when Alden has Sophie be his guide for the mind break of Fintan. Alden was one of the only people to believe in the Black Swan and searched for 12 years for Sophie despite being told he was chasing an imaginary ghost. Alden cares deeply about his family and friends and makes sure that everyone has 'no reason to worry'. During the second book, Exile, Alden's mind breaks after seeing Wylie from the guilt of exiling Prentice, but Sophie works tirelessly and is able to heal him.

Relationships Edit

Alina tried to steal Alden away from Della at their wedding. It's frequently mentioned in the books how awkward this is.

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