Ability Detecting is a class at Foxfire. Its purpose is to trigger the prodigies' special abilities. Prodigies who have manifested a talent take sessions in their talent. This class is very unpopular because the methods of triggering abilities are unpleasant. Ability Detecting checks for all talents except Pyrokinesis, which is forbidden. If a prodigy hasn't manifested by Level Four, they can be expelled for being Talentless. If they do stay, they do not qualify for the Elite Levels. This means they cannot be Nobility and are considered Talentless. Sometimes elvin parents also hire ability detecting tutors, as shown by Keefe begging his to help him manifest as an inflictor.

Known Abilities Tests Edit

  • Frosters - Prodigies spend two hours in a very hot room
  • Gusters - Prodigies spend two hours in a wind tunnel
  • They are tested for every other ability except Pyrokinesis, but we are not sure how